About Us


Karen is the owner of Valley Fit ‘n Lean. Karen’s fitness journey began in 2007 when she came to the realization that she was obese & needed to do something about it. Karen joined Weight Watchers where she learned that it is not just eating the right foods that helps you loose weight but also exercise. Over time she lost 60 lbs., and she has never looked back. In her quest to be fit, she tried many fitness classes and programs and enjoyed them all! Karen became a Weight Watcher Leader in 2008, and now along with her fitness instructors are having a healthy impact on our community. Karen and her husband ran a small business together, but it came to place where Karen wasn’t required full time. She took the opportunity to start her own business while engaging in her passion of health and fitness at a time when she could fill service gaps in the Community. From this, Valley Fit ‘n Lean was born, and its doors opened on June 1, 2013.

Who We Are

First and foremost, we are a Community. Someone came in and said, “I love it here, it’s like being at Cheers, because it’s where everybody knows your name!” We are a community where we do great fitness and can make your glutes and abs. burn, but we also have social events. Once we had one of our community move out of the province so we organized a farewell. In this farewell, as people laughed and ate together, this lady looked around and said, “if it wasn’t for Valley Fit ‘n Lean, I wouldn’t have met any of you!” While we enjoy our special events together, there are many friendships built here where people get together on their own! Stories come back to the gym about people who have gone camping together, to boot camps, retreats, or just for lunch!

What we do

We do fitness classes, anywhere from ten to twenty per week depending on time of year, and the state of economy! Put on bouncy boots for Kangoo fitness. Experience restoration and healing of mind, body & spirit in Yoga. Party yourself into shape & torch calories in Zumba and be amazed when we turn our studio into a night club for our black light Fitness Parties! Feel the burn of strength training and toning in TRX suspension training and Buti Yoga. Be a Rockstar in Pound fitness. …..and there’s more as new classes get introduced while others take a break for a season., Strong Nation, Piyo, Zumba toning and other classes move in and out of our rotation. Join our community for socials, make and takes, paint nights, and our Annual Christmas gala event!

What’s left?

Did you know that most North American’s are sunlight deficient, and that getting adequate sunlight aids in positive physical and mental health? We have great tanning facilities! Our Sun-dome is a stand up tanning experience that will make January feel like July, while our tanning bed will have you dreaming that you are laying on a warm sunny beach in a tropical paradise. We have a selection of high-quality tanning lotions and moisturizers as well. Come and taste the sun!

Is there anything else?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we invited the Health Inspector in to show us what accommodations we have made to facilitate safety and asked for suggestions to get it right. He was impressed and said just keep doing what you are already doing!

You might think that a fitness facility would smell like….well, a fitness facility. We diffuse essential oils, and get a lot of compliments on the aromatherapy.

While other fitness facilities are charging $15 to $18 per visit, our community pays less than $12/class on a ten-punch pass.


Let us know what you think about our services.